Click for Credit: Long-term antibiotics & stroke, CHD; Postvaccination seizures; more

Topics include: Poor response to statins • Postvaccination seizures • Hydroxychloroquine adherence in SLE • Long-term antibiotics & stroke, CHD • Knowledge gaps about osteoporosis drug therapy


Here are 5 articles from the November issue of Clinician Reviews (individual articles are valid for one year from date of publication—expiration dates below):

1. Poor response to statins hikes risk of cardiovascular events

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Expires April 17, 2020

2. Postvaccination febrile seizures are no more severe than other febrile seizures

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Expires April 19, 2020

3. Hydroxychloroquine adherence in SLE: worse than you thought

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Expires April 22, 2020

4. Long-term antibiotic use may heighten stroke, CHD risk

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Expires April 28, 2020

5. Knowledge gaps about long-term osteoporosis drug therapy benefits, risks remain large

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Expires May 1, 2020

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