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VIDEO: Value-based care 101


WASHINGTON – Feel free to continue operating under a fee-for-service system, but according to Neil Kirschner, Ph.D., the senior associate for regulatory and insurer affairs at the American College of Physicians, “It’ll slowly be bled. The updates will be less, and will be linked to quality and efficiency.”

But just what is “value-based care” and why is it now, literally, the law of the land?

In this video interview, Dr. Kirschner explains how and why practice is being transformed and what this means in practical terms, and he lists resources for what you can do to ensure your practice is not left behind.

“I think many doctors still are not seeing the change, or not seeing how quickly it’s coming,” says Dr. Kirschner. “Once it comes, it’s going to hit physicians in the face if they’re not prepared.”

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